Nino Giannotti
Camera Operator
Director of Photography

The Production Van and the Equipment:

Inside this converted 2002 Dodge-1-ton extended van there’s everything necessary for any size production, plus much more. The extensive equipment package includes:

• Panasonic HDX-900 High Definition camera
• BVW-D600 camera
• Sony Z1 HDV/DV Camcorder

Other camera formats are also available.

All cameras have a full line of accessories that includes
20x zoom and wide-angle Canon lenses, BVW50 BetacamSP deck. Sacthler, Vinten and Gitzo tripods, Hi Hat. Sony 5” and 8” field SD monitors plus several LCD of various sizes. Panasonic 17” HD monitor and waveform scope. Matte boxes and filters.

Lighting and Grips
Extensive lighting, grip and electrical package with over 35 lights from 25 to 2000w of all types with complete line of accessories for any type of production. 7 HMIs from 25 to 1200w including several with battery power. Many Flexfills and 4x4-6x6-8x8 and 12x12 overheads with all fabrics. 38 light stand for various duties and 3 HD boom arms. Custom made overhead lighting grid system. Honda Power generator, AC/DC inverter.

Audio Package
State-of-the art audio package with Cooper and Sound Device mixer, Schoeps-Sennheiser-Sanken-ElectroVoice, Sony, and lip microphones for clean sound in noisy environments. 6 sets of 200 and 210 Lectrosonic wireless radio mikes, complete audio support accessories, time-code and transcript recorder. Several JK boxes for telephone/cellular IFP-PL communication. Wireless voice communication for multi-cameras shoots.

Support equipment
Portable dolly with tracks. Several large muslin backgrounds and over 150’ of black Duvetyn. Mini-jib, portable compressor, weather protection, 9’ umbrella and 12x12 canopy.

Still Photography Equipment
Still photography package included two Canon full frame digital SLR cameras with 8 lenses including Perspective Control “PC” Architectural lens.

Everything in the van is properly maintained and organized for faultless productions

Nino designed and customized the interior of the van including the center cart-shelf that can be unloaded and loaded from the van with most of the equipment staying on it.

With the aid of a wireless remote control, a power winch hidden under the seat effortlessly loads and unloads the cart off the van. Within seconds, a system of cables and pulleys fasten the cart safely to the floor.

Every inch of the interior space is fully utilized for optimum storage and quick access, and there’s still room for the producer.

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