The Tube

Gone are the days when a grip truck loaded with lighting and grip equipment was always there for each assignment. Today’s everything needed for a shoot must fit in the back of a cameraman’s minivan. Everything must be more compact, versatile and economical.


After building and testing over 10 different designs over a period of 7 years, Nino finally came up with the very first modern replacement for the old “Sand Bag”.


32 inches long and weighting 10 lbs., the Tube consists of a double waterproof chamber filled with lead pellets.


The double chamber design gives the tube incredible flexibility and can be used to secure equipment that was never possible with conventional sand bags because of their bulky design.


More than one Tube can be placed or ganged together to increase stabilization by equally distributing the weight where needed.



Because of its design, up 10 Tubes can be stored in the same space previously taken by only two sandbags.

Patent pending